Safaricom Tunukiwa data bundles (internet, gifts, bonga points & hot deals)

There are the regular Safaricom data bundles you can buy by dialing *544# then there are data bundles by Safaricom you can access using the *444# shortcode. Dubbed Tunukiwa Internet by telco, these bundles are often low-cost, tailor-made and can be bought multiple times in a day (or during the duration of the bundles validity).

Below you will find more details about how to buy the different Tunukiwa bundles via the options available under *444#.

How to buy Safaricom Tunukiwa internet bundles

To buy a Tunukiwa bundle on your Safaricom line here’s what you need to do:

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  • Dial *444#
  • Next, buy a bundle of your choice (usually by selecting option #1:Tunukiwa Internet).

Note that what you can purchase is not limited only to the offers under option 1. There are other areas in the *444# menu that may reveal even different data plans – better deals than what is in option #1 depending on your needs.

Where can you go to find these ‘hidden’ offers? I’ll show you below.

Tunukiwa Internet

To access this menu, dial *444*1# or simply dial the *444# shortcode and reply with option 1.

This is the first place most Safaricom subscribers who want to buy Tunukiwa bundles look.

Depending on the kinds of deals Safaricom has for you, you might see similar bundles as the ones I’ve listed below.

1:Sh 10 (20MB valid 7 days)
2:Sh 20 (70MB valid 24 hrs)
3:Sh 30 (90MB valid 2 days)
4:Sh 50 (2GB valid 1 hour)
5:Sh 99 (350MB valid 7 days)

To purchase the 2 GB bundle at Kenya Shillings 50 for example, here’s what I’ll do:

  • Reply with 4
  • I’ll be asked to ‘Buy Sh 50 (2GB valid for 1 hour using: 1. Airtime or 2. M-PESA)’
  • I’ve checked my Safaricom account balance and know I have at least KSh 50, so I’ll answer with 1 – to pay for the Tunukiwa bundle using airtime on my prepaid line.

Please note the bundle is only valid for one hour.

Safaricom will then send me a message about the bundle I have just purchased.

What I have in my inbox now, which I am going to use as an example, is a text I got after successfully purchasing a Tunukiwa 1 GB data bundle. It reads: ‘You have successfully purchased 1024 MB data valid till Midnight. For more exciting offers dial *444# every day!

Again note that the offers you get will likely be different from some of the offers I’ve listed above in terms of:

  • pricing,
  • data bundle size and
  • the duration a bundle is valid.

Bundles under Tunukiwa Gifts

At the time of writing this post, this option is listed as number 4 when I dial *444# on my phone.

Here are the options under Tunukiwa Gifts:

  • Buy Gift for a Friend. If you select this option, enter the Safaricom mobile number to receive the Gift. Next, check for the data bundle option in the Tunukiwa Gifts menu. I see a 350MB bundle gift priced at 99 Shillings.
  • Unlock your Gift. Among the options, you’ll see one for data. In the menu am looking at, that is in option 2 (Sh 250 1GB bundle valid  for 7 days).

Bundles under Tunukiwa Bonga

This is listed as option #3. You can also dial *444*3# > 1:Bonga Data to see the different bundles listed below.

1: 80MB at 100 Bonga Points valid for 1 day
2: 250 Bonga points to get 250MB valid for 7 days
3: 500 Bonga Points for 500MB valid for 7 days
4: 1000 Bonga Points for 1 GB valid for 7 days

Bundles under Hot Deals

This option is listed as number 5. You can also just dial *444*5# on your device to see the different Hot Deals Safaricom has for you.

I checked my phone awhile ago and below are some of the deals I can immediately purchase on my Safaricom line.

  • Sh 50 for a 2 GB bundle valid for one hour
  • Sh 20 70MB bundle valid for 24 hours
  • Sh 1000 (400 minutes + 1 GB valid for 30 days)
  • Sh 1000 (200Min + 4GB + 1000 SMS valid 30 days)
  • Sh 2000 (600Min + 12GB + 2000 SMS valid 30 days)
  • Sh 2000 – 1000Min + 3GB+2000 SMS valid 30 days.

You can purchase any of these bundles via M-PESA or use your airtime balance to do so.

What can you use Tunukiwa internet bundles for?

  • General internet browsing on your feature phone, smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.
  • Updating large apps on your device. Think about the big Android games you’ve installed from Google Play Store. You can get the 2 GB 1-hour bundle and use it all to update your apps.
  • Uploading and downloading large files online. For example, backing up the files on your hard drive to the cloud. Or downloading documentaries, movies or TV series from Showmax or YouTube.
  • Watching videos with your friends or family. You can make the purchase and use your device as a mobile hotspot. They can then connect to your device via WIFI. And then you can all enjoy streaming whatever video content you find interesting.
  • Update your Windows 10 operating system, including apps on Microsoft App Store.
  • Manage the different online hubs you use to connect with others: social media profiles & pages, websites and blogs etc.
  • Shop online. Or sell stuff online.
  • Download and read free ebooks. Or buy ebooks on sale.

How to check Tunukiwa internet / data bundle balance

I didn’t want to leave this post without showing you how to check your Tunukiwa internet balance.

After all, you’re going to want to know if you are running low on data or not.

And whether this prompts you to buy another Tunukiwa bundle or the regular Safaricom bundles is something you can decide on later.

To check your Tunukiwa balance do the following:

  • Dial *444#
  • And answer with the number 6 (6:Tunukiwa Balance)
  • Wait for the SMS with your balance details

You can also dial *444*6# to get the text with your Tunukiwa balance details.

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