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What do you immediately see when you access Safaricom online portal? Here’s what I see when I try to check my data bundle balance online on At a glance I see my Account Type (Prepaid), airtime balances and expiry date, Okoa Jahazi balance and expiry date, Bonga SMS and expiry date, Bonga Points Balance, and my Tunukiwa Hourly Data balance and expiry date. At the time I had purchased a 1 GB data bundle via the Safaricom Tunukiwa Internet bundles menu (*444*1#).

Do I get charged anything when I visit the portal on my web browser? The address is zero-rated. That means that every time you visit the portal you don’t get charged any money. You can visit the portal even with zero Shillings in your account – even if you don’t have an active data bundle.

Here are some of the things you can do on the Safaricom online portal:

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Top up your Safaricom line or another number with scratch card online

  • Once on the portal, click on the Top Up tab.
  • Have your scratch card ready. Scratch it to reveal the recharge PIN.
  • To recharge your phone number, just click on the button that says Confirm Number (you’ll see something like this: My Number 07********)
  • Enter the scratch card PIN in the field labeled ‘Enter 16 Digit PIN’.
  • Click the button that has the label ‘Top Up’ on it.

To load airtime to another Safaricom number

  • Click on the tab that reads ‘Other Number’ and enter that number in the text field next to it.
  • Enter the PIN from the recharge voucher in the next field – the one labeled as ‘Enter 16 Digit PIN’.
  • Then click the button labeled ‘Top Up’.

Alternatives when offline:

Dial *141*PIN#. Read the article How to top up your Safaricom Prepaid Line to learn more.

Check Safaricom balance: airtime and bundle balances online

To see your balances on the Safaricom online portal, all you have to do is just go your web browser and enter the following address in the web address bar:

Wait for the page to load.

Scroll a bit and you should be able to see all your balances: data bundle balances, airtime balances, Okoa Jahazi balances, Tunukiwa balances, Bonga Points balances etc.

Alternatives when offline:

Buy Safaricom data bundles online

Here’s a list of some of the bundles available for purchase when you visit Safaricom online portal.

In the tab that reads All in One Monthly Bundle, you’ll find the following bundles:

KSh 1000

  • 5GB + WhatsApp
  • 200 mins + 4GB + WhatsApp + 1000 SMS
  • 400 mins + 1GB + WhatsApp + 1000 SMS

KSh 2000

  • 15GB + WhatsApp
  • 600 mins + 12GB + WhatsApp + 2000 SMS
  • 1000 mins + 3GB + WhatsApp + 2000 SMS

KSh 3000

  • 25GB + WhatsApp
  • 900 mins + 20GB + WhatsApp + 3000 SMS
  • 1500 mins + 5GB + WhatsApp + 3000 SMS

KSh 5000

  • 1500 mins + 35GB + WhatsApp + 5000 SMS
  • 2500 mins + 10GB + WhatsApp + 5000 SMS

KSh 10000

  • 3500 mins + 50GB + WhatsApp + 10000 SMS
  • 7500 mins + 20GB + WhatsApp + 10000 SMS

Less than KSh 1000

  • 350MB (Ksh 250)
  • 2GB + WhatsApp(Ksh 500)

Tap on a bundle you want to purchase, scroll down and then tap the Buy Bundle button.

In the tab that reads Other Bundle, you’ll find the following bundles:

7 day Internet Bundles

  • 100MB (Ksh 50)
  • 350MB + WhatsApp(Ksh 99)
  • 1GB + WhatsApp(Ksh 250)
  • 3GB + WhatsApp(Ksh 500)

30 day Internet Bundles

  • 350MB (Ksh 250)
  • 2GB + WhatsApp(Ksh 500)
  • 5GB + WhatsApp(Ksh 1000)
  • 15GB + WhatsApp(Ksh 2000)
  • 25GB + WhatsApp(Ksh 3000)

GIGA Internet Bundles

  • Daily Giga 1GB (Ksh 99)
  • Weekly Giga 10GB (Ksh 999)

90 day Internet Bundles

  • 6GB (Ksh 3000)
  • 16GB (Ksh 6000)
  • 30GB (Ksh 9000)

To purchase, just click on a bundle you’d like, scroll down and click the Buy Bundle button.

Alternatives when offline:

  • Dial *544#, *456# or *100# to buy various bundles
  • Dial *444# to buy Tunukiwa Internet bundles

Borrow data bundles online on

To Okoa Data, navigate to the tab that reads Okoa Bundle.

Tap on it.

You will then see a list of bundles you can get in advance and pay for later when you top up your line.

Here’s a list of some of the bundle packages you are likely to see under the tab.

  • 5MB (Ksh 5)
  • 10MB (Ksh 10)
  • 45MB + WhatsApp(Ksh 20)
  • 120MB + WhatsApp(Ksh 50)
  • 450MB + WhatsApp(Ksh 99)

Borrowing is simple. Just click / tap on a data bundle you want, then click the Okoa Bundle button.

Alternatives when offline:

Activate or deactivate Safaricom data manager online

To use the data manager on the Safaricom online portal, just click on the tab that reads My Data Manager.

  • To activate it, click / tap on Activate My Data Manager and then tap on the SEND REQUEST button.
  • To deactivate it, click or tap on Deactivate My Data Manager and then tap on the SEND REQUEST button.

Why use data manager? When it is enabled you can’t browse without an active bundle. This is good for so many reasons – the most important being that Safaricom won’t eat into your airtime balance once your data bundle is used up.

You can however deactivate it if you want to browse the internet and have the telco deduct airtime from your account directly (without having an active bundle).

Alternatives when offline:

Dial *544#. Reply with 3 for Normal Data Bundles WITH EXPIRY. Go to the next page. Select My Data Manager. Select the Data Save or Don’t Browse without a data bundle option.

Items under the Data Save menu include:

  • Save data by reducing speed
  • Full speeds for faster downloads
  • Check status

Items under the Don’t Browse without a data bundle menu include:

  • Activate
  • Deactivate
  • Check Status
  • Activate / Deactivate for other Number
  • FAQs

And if you want to send Safaricom any feedback, navigate to the tab that reads Feedback. Enter your first name, last name, email, message and then click the Submit button.

A quick recap

  1. How to check Safaricom data bundles balance online? To check your balance, enter the address in your web browser’s. Wait for the page to load. All your balances will be right there.
  2. How to buy Safaricom data bundles online? Just follow the steps above. Go to the All in One Monthly Bundle or the Other Bundle tabs, click on a bundle you want and then click on the Buy Bundle button. For a list of all bundles you can buy on the portal, scroll up.
  3. How do I access the Safaricom Data calculator online? In the All in One Monthly Bundle tab, you’ll see a button that reads Data Calculator. At the time of writing the post, I clicked on the link but nothing seemed to happen.
  4. How do I browse on Facebook for free on a Safaricom line? You can go to the Safaricom online portal and click this link (or right click on the tab labeled Facebook) – which allows you to enjoy using Facebook free of charge. Once the webpage loads, Create a New Account or log into your existing account with your password and email address / phone number.

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  1. How can I top up safaricom bundles without using phone on my there a portal for this transaction in the ipad?

    • You can buy a Safaricom scratch card and then go to to top up your line / buy bundles. I show you various ways to top up your Safaricom line here & ways to buy Safaricom bundles here.

  2. Hi mudis,
    Do we have this application in the ipad,what I am getting is only airtime topping up application. Please assist me with the procedure.

    • After visiting you will see the following. Just before the ‘Airtime Top Up’ tab, there are two tabs labelled ‘Bundles Without Expiry’ and another one labelled ‘Bundles With Expiry’. So, you can top up, then use the bundles tab to a purchase a bundle you want. All the bundles listed on that page have an option to pay via Airtime or M-PESA. Which means if you don’t have airtime but want to purchase a bundle with money directly from your M-PESA account, all you have to do is tap Buy > Select the M-PESA option > enter your M-PESA PIN to complete the purchase.

  3. Kindly make it possible to copy paste a phone number when buying bundles or credit for a friend/another line


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