Safaricom Please Call Me: How to send please call me text for free

Want to learn how to send Safaricom please call me text messages when your airtime balance is low?

In this article, I am going to show you how to use the Safaricom Please Call Me feature to request another Safaricom user to call you back.

Every day, Safaricom gives each of their users 5 Please call Me / flashback messages they can send to any Safaricom phone number.

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I remember using this service a lot while in high school and college – sometimes for fun (to see if a person would really call) – and at other times because I really wanted someone to call me.

The Please Call Me feature doesn’t get talked about a lot. But it is a really neat feature. A feature that works for the benefit of both the customer and the mobile service provider.

A child may not be able to make a call to their parents / guardians for example, but they can still alert them (via please call me requests) when they want to get in touch.

So, a child sends a Please Call Me request.

The parent calls.

The child gets what they want – out of their chest.

The parent gets to know what the child wants.

And Safaricom, the party that makes all this possible, gets paid for offering a service a section of its customers can rely on any time.

Yes, there are people who really look down on Please Call Me messages. This post is not for them. However, if you are interested in learning different ways to send Please Call Me texts from your phone, read on.

Here’s how to send Please Call Me texts on Safaricom

  • Dial *130*PhoneNumber#
  • For example if the person you want to send a Please Call Me to uses the number 0704123456, simply dial *130*0704123456# to request them to call you.


  • Dial *456# on your feature phone, smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer (if using your SIM card in a modem or router)
  • Select option 2: Okoa/Sambaza/Please Call Me
  • Select option 5: Please Call Me
  • Enter Phone number to send Please Call Me e.g. 0704123456
    You’ll see this next: ‘You have 4 free flashback messages left to send today. No airtime? Simply reverse call by dialling #07xxxxxxxx and allow the receiver to pay for the call’
  • The person will receive an SMS that looks like this: ‘Please call me thank you. Okoa from as low as KSh 10 for your Airtime Emergencies. Simply dial *131#’

You can also make calls for really cheap rates by:

  1. Hitting your Safaricom STORO Bonus quickly and using the Bonus Airtime to Make Calls.
  2. Using Safaricom Tunukiwa Offers to Call, Text & Browse at Low Rates.
  3. Borrowing Airtime via Safaricom Okoa Jahazi to Buy Tunukiwa Offers.
  4. Buying Safaricom All In One Bundles.

Using the above will eliminate the need for sending Please Call Me requests often.

If you enjoyed reading this post, I’d like to hear your thoughts / experiences using the service. Leave a comment below.

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