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In this introductory post about Equitel products and services, I am going to show you the Equitel USSD codes you can use to top up your SIM card, buy airtime from M-PESA for your line or another Equitel line, check your airtime and data balance, buy bundles (voice, text and data), check your Equitel phone number, get your SIM PIN & PUK, call customer care, Jiokolee credo, connect your Equity Bank Kenya account with your Equitel line. I am also going to show you some of the things you can find (or do) on the Equitel website.

Top Equitel USSD codes to remember

Here are some of the top Equitel USSD shortcodes to use on your feature phone, smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer (if using a modem or a router):

  • *100# – dial *100# to check balance on your Equitel line, check your Equitel tariff plan, buy bundles on /your Equitel line, use Equitel Gawa credo to share airtime with another number, get help / call customer care line, or get internet settings for your device  (if you want to buy and use Equitel data bundles).
  • *544# – use this USSD shortcode to buy bundles on your Equitel line. At the time of writing this post, these are the bundles you can buy via the 544 menu: 35 minutes to call across all networks at Kenya Shillings 35, 100 MB + 100 SMS at KSh 35, 500 Minutes + Riziki at KSh 1249 to use across all networks valid for 30 days, 1000 Minutes + Riziki at KSh 2499 valid for a month, Data Plus Bundles, Jipimie Bundles and Ongea Bundles.
  • *144# – use this USSD shortcode to check your Equitel airtime balance.
  • *740# – use this to borrow airtime if you are already eligible for Equitel Jiokolee Advance airtime service.
  • *247# – use this to access your Equity Bank Eazzy 247 account. Update details, buy airtime, deposit / send / withdraw money or add favourite phone numbers – so topping them becomes a breeze. Also use this shortcode when first linking your Equity Bank Kenya account to your Equitel SIM card / line.

Also read: USSD codes for Safaricom, Telkom Kenya & Airtel Kenya.

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How to top up your Equitel line

To load airtime on your Equitel line:

  1. go to an Equity agent. Hand them money equivalent  to the amount of airtime you want to purchase. Tell them your Equitel phone number. Wait for a confirmation message saying your prepaid account has been credited with airtime in the value commensurate to the amount you gave the agent.
  2. buy airtime from your Equity Bank Kenya account. For example, if you have an Eazzy247 account (I opened mine at an agent location) with money in it, dial *247# (even on Safaricom or Airtel Kenya line), enter your account’s PIN and use the Buy Airtime menu to buy airtime for your line or another Equitel line.
  3. if your Equity Bank account is already connected to your Equitel phone number, access the Buy Airtime/Bundles option via your Equitel SIM Toolkit > My Phone / My Money menus. Then select your bank account number > Buy Airtime > For this line > Enter amount > Followed by your PIN.
  4. buy Equitel airtime on your Safaricom M-PESA account using Equitel Pay bill number. Go to MPESA -> Lipa na M-PESA -> Enter Paybill 412222 (as the business number) -> Enter Equitel number e.g. 0765123456 as Account no. -> Enter amount of airtime you want to buy from Safaricom MPESA to Equitel line e.g. 100 -> Enter M-PESA PIN -> Press OK.

How to check Equitel airtime balance

Like Safaricom subscribers, just dial *144# on your phone.

To learn more, read this post I published on Jamsel awhile ago: How to check Equitel airtime balance.

How to buy and check Equitel data bundles balance

To buy Equitel data bundles, dial *544#.

Or go to your Equitel SIM Toolkit > My Phone > Buy Airtime/Bundles menu.

Here’s a list of some of the bundles you can buy:

  • 35 Minutes at KSh 35
  • 100 MB + 100 SMS at KSh 35
  • 500 Minutes + Riziki at KSh 1249
  • 1000 Minutes + Riziki at KSh 2499
  • Data Plus Bundles
  • Jipimie Bundles
  • Ongea Bundles

How to know your Equitel phone number

To check your Equitel phone number follow the steps below:

  • Dial *100#
  • Select option 5. Settings/Help
  • Select option 2. My number
  • You’ll see the following: ‘Dear customer, your Number is 254765123456’

Equitel SIM card details (where to get them)

How do you get your Equitel SIM card details when you need them? Well:

  • you can locate where you kept the original card body if you want the following details pertaining to your Equitel line: PIN 1, PIN 2, PUK 1, PUK 2, serial number and phone number.
  • you can dial *100# to check your phone number, account balances, tariff and for instructions on how to get internet settings for your device (Note: it’s similar to what Airtel Kenya subscribers do – SMS the word ALL to 232).

Equitel customer care & website address

To reach Equitel customer care agents, all you need to do is dial the number 100.

Dial 100 on your phone to:

  • make a loan query
  • stop a transaction
  • talk to a customer care agent for free

Note also that you can:

  • Dial *100#
  • Select option 5. Settings / Help
  • Reply with option 1. Call us – to get Equitel customer care numbers (100 or 0763000100 / +254763000100 when calling from other networks / making an international call).

That’s it.

If there’s anything you’d like other Equitel customers to know, let me know. For those who are thinking of acquiring a SIM card from the company, I think all I paid for mine was Kenya Shillings 100 – 150.

Just go to an Equity Bank near you to get yours.

To check the Equitel website, go to equitel.com.

  • Use the Equitel Handsets link on the homepage to see devices you can purchase online on the website: feature phones and smartphones. Payments can be made on delivery or online or via mobile money payment.
  • Learn more about the company and the services it offers.
  • Learn more about Equitel My Money – how to send money to another phone, rates to send to Equitel numbers vs. Safaricom M-PESA or Airtel Money.
  • Get Equitel’s email address: info@equitel.com.
  • Learn how to pay for DStv and GOtv using EazzyPay
  • Download PDF files related to products and services offered by Equitel / Equity Bank.
  • Login to Equitel self-care portal / account with your phone number and password.
  • Learn more about Equitel Jiokolee Credo – a service similar to Safaricom Okoa Jahazi and Airtel Kenya Kopa. Eligible subscribers can use it to borrow airtime / credit. When you borrow KSh 50 for example, your account will be credited with 45 Shillings (meaning the service fee will be just KSh 5).

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