How to check Safaricom data bundle balance

In a post I wrote awhile ago I showed you different ways to check your Safaricom airtime balance. Today I am going to show you how to check Safaricom data bundle balance on your phone, smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer (if you are using a modem or router).

Dial *544*44# to check Safaricom data bundle balance

This is by far the quickest way to check Safaricom data balance on your phone.

  • Go to your dialer.
  • Dial *544*44#
  • Wait for the SMS with your data balance details.

Dial *544# to check Safaricom Bundle Balance

Another way to check your balance is by going straight to the Safaricom 544 menu.

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  • Dial *544#
  • Scroll down and select option 4: Check Balance
  • Wait for text message with your data balance details.
  • The text usually has details of how much data you have left and the data bundle expiry date.


  • Dial *544#
  • Select option 3: Normal Data Bundle WITH EXPIRY
  • Reply with 7 to view MORE items on the menu
  • Select option 9: Balance
  • Wait for SMS with your bundle balance details

Use *100# to check Safaricom bundle balance

When you are looking for anything related to the prepaid services Safaricom offers, the best place to look, even before thinking about calling customer care on 100, is usually the menu you get by dialing *100#.

How do use it to get your data balance?

  • Dial *100#
  • Select option #2 My Account
  • Select option #2 Check my usage and balance
  • Then select option #1 Balance
  • Wait for text.
  • Since I’m not subscribed to any bundle, here’s the text I get: ‘Your current balance is 0

NOTE: For customers on postpaid plans, these numbers should help you get your data balance details:

  • 200 and
  • *200#

Check Safaricom data bundle balance online on portal

To check Safaricom data bundle balance online go to your web browser and enter in the web address bar.

It is the fastest way (in my opinion) to check your balance if you are online and have a browser open. Sometimes I visit the portal area and leave the tab open on Firefox or Chrome. Then any time I want to check how much data I still have left, I just reload / refresh the page and I get up-to-date details of my bundle balance.

You can use this method to check your Giga, daily, weekly, monthly, 90-day and Tunukiwa hourly data bundle balances.

Safaricom doesn’t charge you anything to visit the web address I’ve mentioned.

Dial *444# to check Safaricom data balance via Tunukiwa menu

If you use both the regular Safaricom bundles (under the 544 menu) and Safaricom Tunukiwa Internet bundles as well, there is a way to get both balances at the same time – in one text message. And that is by checking your data balance via the 444 Tunukiwa menu.

What am I saying? When you have an active Tunukiwa internet bundle and check your balance via the *444# menu while also having an active data bundle you purchased via the *544# menu, you’ll get a text message with balances for both.

Here’s an example:

Daily Internet Bundle: 5 MB, Expiry: 11-04-2019 01:12 Tunukiwa Hourly Data: 42 MB, Expiry: 10-04-2019 23:59

If you have both a regular and Tunukiwa bundle and check your balance via *544#, you’ll only get your balance for the regular bundle. Details of your Tunukiwa bundle balance will be left out in the text.

Daily Internet Bundle: 6 MB, Expiry: 07-06-2019 14:47 Giga Bundle:914 MB, Expiry: 07-06-2019 19:19 On-net SMS: 7 SMS, Expiry: 07-06-2019 14:47

To check bundle balance via the Safaricom Tunukiwa menu:

  • Dial *444#
  • Select option 6: Tunukiwa Balance
  • Wait for the text message with your data balance details.

Messages Safaricom usually sends before your data bundles run out

Another way to know if you are running out of data is by paying attention to the text messages Safaricom sends you after purchasing a bundle.

Here are some of the common ones. I see them whenever I buy a daily, Giga, monthly or Tunukiwa bundles.

  • at 500 MB – ‘Dear customer, Your Giga Bundle balance is 500MB.‘ OR ‘Dear customer, Your Giga Bundle balance is 500MB. Your remaining Recovered Giga Data: 606 MB, Expiry: 05/01/2019 13:10:14.
  • at 75 MB – ‘Dear customer, Your Tunukiwa Hourly Data balance is 75MB. Dial *544# or click to purchase All In one monthly bundles.‘ OR ‘Dear customer, Your Giga Bundle balance is 75MB. Dial *544*1# to buy another Monthly bundle.
  • at 2 MB – ‘Dear customer, Your Daily Internet Bundle bundle is below 2MB. Dial *544# or click to purchase All In one monthly bundles.‘…every subscriber who uses the the Safaricom network to browse the web knows this one. And oh, how we love them!

Safaricom data bundles to check with the methods in this post

If you buy any of the Safaricom bundles below, you can use any of the methods above to check how much data you have left:

  • Daily Bundles
  • 7 Day Bundles
  • 30 Day Bundles
  • Platinum Bundles
  • Giga Bundles
  • All in One Bundle + Free YouTube
  • 90 Day Bundles
  • Data offers / Tunukiwa bundles.

How to check expired bundle balance on Safaricom line

What happens if you buy a Safaricom data bundle, use it but don’t finish all the data? Past the expiry date, all the remaining data will be unusable. And to check how much data you had before the expiry date, here’s what to do:

  • Dial *544#
  • Select option 3: Normal Data Bundle WITH EXPIRY
  • Scroll down and select 7: MORE to go to the next page
  • Scroll down again and enter 98
  • Then select option #18 to get your expired bundle balance
  • If you don’t have a balance, here’s what you’ll see: ‘You don’t have any expired bundle

I think to make your expired bundle balance active (and usable) again, all a subscriber has to do is to buy a similar bundle as the one they bought before.

It is good to know how much data you have left on your Safaricom line before:

  • going online to stream TV series or watch movies online (on Showmax or Netflix). You don’t want to run out of data midway.
  • going to YouTube to listen to music, watch comedy, news, movies, documentaries or tutorials on whatever topic you are interested in.
  • downloading large files online to your laptop or desktop PC.
  • updating your devices’ operating systems (Windows 10, Google Android, Apple iOS etc.) and apps / software.
  • going online to download books (ebooks and audio-books) to read on your device.
  • downloading podcasts to listen to later while doing other things.
  • taking a course online.
  • going online to finish a client’s work if you work online as a freelancer.
  • going online as a business owner to manage aspects of your business on the web (bookkeeping, marketing, outsourcing, paid ads, outreach & lead generation, posting updates via your blog).

Have something you’d like to add? Let me know in the comments.

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