How to check Airtel Kenya phone number

In this blog post, I am going to show you various methods you can use to check your Airtel Kenya phone number.

Life is easier when you have more things out of the way; when you have a few things to deal with. In this post, I am going to help you get one more thing out of the way … and put you on the path to knowing and memorizing your Airtel number.


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Here’s what you need to do:

Dial *100# to check your Airtel phone number

To use this method to check your Airtel phone number

  • Enter your SIM card in your phone, smartphone, tablet, laptop or a desktop computer (via your modem)
  • Next, dial *100#
  • Select option 3. Manage My Account
  • Select option 1. Number & Balance
  • Wait for a confirmation message from Airtel. In it, you will find your phone number and details about your airtime balance. Here’s an example: ‘Your number is 254736123456 and the balance is 11
  • Save the number on your device.
  • Write the number in a notebook. And share your new number with friends and family – unless you use the line exclusively to browse the web.

Check out the original packaging to get your Airtel phone number

Things may have changed a bit since I last bought an Airtel line. But one thing that I know is still the same is how easy it is to get your phone number from the original SIM packaging used by Airtel Kenya.

For example, you could get your phone number from:

  • the external polythene packaging used to wrap your SIM card
  • the plate the SIM card is attached to at the time of purchase. This is the card with your PIN, PUK and serial number
  • the registration paper you get after you register for (activate) your Airtel Money account for the first time

If you have access to all these, getting your number shouldn’t be hard.

Check out the first few messages you received after your Airtel Kenya line was registered

To get your phone number using this method, just go to the messages menu on your phone.

In your inbox, scroll to the texts received around the day / week / month / year when your line was registered.

Assuming you haven’t deleted those messages (whether saved in your SIM or phone memory), you will find at least one with your Airtel Kenya number.

Note the number somewhere.

Memorize it.

Share it.

And just leave those messages intact. Don’t delete them – except the ones with your PIN/password in case you haven’t changed those.

Top up your Airtel Kenya line and call another number

If you have someone close to you, and they have their phone with them, just load airtime on your Airtel Kenya line.

Ask them for their number.

Make a call to said number.

End the call.

Ask them to read you your number.

Shouldn’t be hard to do when you are out there with your friends or in the house with your family.

Send a text message to another number

This is almost similar to the method above.

To get your phone number, text a friend or a family member. Then simply tell the recipient to read you back your number. Or forward you the SMS with your number.

Or just send a text to one of your other lines (Safaricom, Telkom, Equitel, Faiba) if you have two devices (or using a dual SIM phone).

Should cost you one shilling or less to get your number this way.

You can even send a free text using Airtel’s please call me feature – and have the recipient read you your number.

Why know & memorize your Airtel Kenya phone number

  • So sharing your number off-head isn’t a big deal. It is far easier to just say your number whenever someone asks for it than to fumble with your phone anxiously to get it before you are able to share it. Most people with at least two lines will tell you this.
  • So anyone who wants to share their airtime with you via Airtel’s Me2U service can just quickly give you a slice of their pie and get on with their life. If you have a big brother or sister, I’m talking to you. If you are someone’s employee or spouse, this may apply to you too.
  • So you can quickly top up your Airtel Kenya line using other methods – for example via Safaricom M-PESA, or online using a debit or credit card.
  • So you can have the verification process when creating online accounts go smoothly. Imagine being asked to enter your phone number to verify an account and you don’t know the number.

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