Buy Telkom Kenya airtime via Safaricom M-PESA Paybill 777711 and get bonus airtime

I wrote an article outlining various methods you could use to top up your Telkom Kenya line a few weeks ago. In the article, I showed you how you could top up using scratch cards, M-PESA, Equitel and even buy airtime online (using debit cards and credit cards).

What I didn’t mention is that you could be rewarded every time you topped up you Telkom line.

I didn’t tell you about the steps Telkom has put in place to reward their customers for purchasing airtime.

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I didn’t tell you about the size of the rewards (bonus airtime).

In this post, I am going to tell you about all these things. I am going to show you what you need to do / and the steps you need to take to benefit from this reward scheme.

How do I get Telkom Kenya bonus airtime

To get bonus airtime, you will have to meet the following conditions:

  1. Buy airtime from M-PESA using the paybill 777711. I have shown you before that you can also buy airtime for your Telkom Kenya line via M-PESA using the Pesapal Paybill number 220220. For you to get the airtime bonus I am writing about in this post, you have to use the 777711 Paybill number when making your purchase.
  2. The airtime you buy for your Telkom Kenya line via M-PESA has to be Kenya Shillings 50 and above. If you buy airtime below KSh 50, you will not get the bonus.

Here is an SMS I received in late September 2019 that sums up the conditions really well:

Do you know you can top up with Mpesa Paybill and get 20% Bonus Airtime for top up above Ksh 50. Enter Business number 777711. Account No (Telkom Mobile Number)

For the step-by-step instructions read: How to Top up Telkom Kenya Line.

Can I get more than 20% bonus airtime when I top up my Telkom line

I think so, given I recently received an SMS that looks like this from Telkom Kenya:

‘Special Offer Just for you! Top up Ksh 50 & above with Mpesa Paybill & get 100% bonus valid for 3 days. Enter Business no. 777711. Accountmno. (Telkom Number)

It may be that this was a special offer just for me.

It may be that this offer has been made available to every Telkom customer by now.

And may be the ones who haven’t received the offer, if there are, will get a similar text one day.

But since I received this text on 15th October 2019, something makes me think that many subscribers out there have received the same text by now.

So, yes you can get more than 20% bonus airtime when you purchase Telkom Kenya airtime via M-PESA Paybill number 777711.

You just have to meet all the conditions above.

If you have received the text about 100% bonus, well there won’t be any guesses. You will know for sure that if you buy airtime of 50 Shillings, you will get another KSh 50 bonus.

If you haven’t received the text, just try today to purchase KSh 50 airtime for your Telkom Kenya line from your M-PESA account using the 777711 paybill number. See if you get rewarded with a 20% or a 100% bonus.

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